Cosmopolitan Living

Malaysia is a multi-cultural society. The main ethnic groups are the native Malays, Chinese, and Indians. When visiting the country, it is clear that the ethnicities retain their religions, customs and ways of life. The most important festivals of each group are recognised as public holidays.

Malaysia is a country with strong family values. The family is considered the centre of the social structure. As a result, there is a great emphasis on unity, loyalty and respect for the elderly. Malaysians are friendly and warm, and don’t be surprised if your local friends ask you out for ‘makan’ (a meal). In Malaysia, relationships are built around food!

Malaysia’s ethnic diversity is a blessing. The melange makes Malaysia one of the most cosmopolitan places on earth, as it helps sustain international relationships with the many societies represented in Malaysia: The Indonesian archipelago, the Islamic world, Southeast Asia, India, China, Europe and Australia. Malaysians easily exchange ideas and technology with the rest of the world and have an influence in global affairs.

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