Modern Amenities

In all of the major cities of Malaysia, you will find the vital amenities necessary for your well-being in every corner. These encompass accommodation, public transportation, restaurants, banks, clinics, bookshops, convenience stores, cineplexes and shopping malls, among others.

Malaysia is a great shopping destination offering a wide variety of brand names to satisfy the most discerning shopper. There is something for everyone, ranging from affordable goods sold in the numerous street-side shops to luxury labels located in high-end boutiques found in many of its modern shopping malls. Malaysia’s malls offer a host of other activities that include dining, bowling, archery, rock climbing, movies, spa attractions, video arcades, and many more. Another attraction that Malaysia has to offer is an impressive list of nightlife hotspots. A host of vibrant clubs offer a variety of themes and environments along with strict age restrictions.

With many different forms of public transportation available such as buses, trains and taxis, travelling is convenient and inexpensive. Buses are the cheapest and most common form of transportation depending on the distance and route. The railway system in Malaysia is also very well-connected through several railway lines such as the Monorail, commuter trains and Light-Rail Transit (LRT) as well as the soon-to-be implemented Mass Rapid Transit system. Commuter trains run efficiently within Kuala Lumpur and will connect you to the amenities you require in different precincts.

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