Paradise For Food Lovers

If there is one thing this country is famous for, other than being an education destination, it is the wide selection of cuisines available here.

Dining in Malaysia can be an unending adventure with numerous ethnic groups in the country contributing various cuisines. You will discover a fusion of culinary styles that have evolved with the arrival of migrant communities over the centuries. Most residents of Malaysia are well-versed with the primary cuisines – Malay, Indian and Chinese – as well as the distinctive style of mixed cultures such as Peranakan (Straits Chinese) and Eurasian cooking. Malaysian dishes are known for their lovely flavours, achieved by the expert blending of herbs and spices that make each dish distinctive in taste.

Today, with the influx of students, immigrants and expatriates from different parts of the world like the Middle East, Africa, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, Malaysia has truly become a gourmet’s paradise. Food from various cultures is becoming increasingly available as there are many new restaurants opening all the time. Restaurants that serve Western, Continental and European food are becoming increasingly common in Malaysia, while Middle Eastern restaurants are also in abundance, serving various popular dishes like shawarma and hummus. There are also a number of restaurants that serve African food. These restaurants tend to be spread across different locations that are easily accessible by public transport.

As far as other Asian cuisines go, there is an abundance of Japanese, Korean, Thai, Taiwanese and even Indonesian restaurants that serve many of their popular traditional dishes. These restaurants can be found right across the country. There are also numerous international fast-food chains serving burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, fried chicken and many of them have a delivery option. The wide range of options not only exposes Malaysians to different kinds of cuisines, it also caters to the needs of homesick foreigners.

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