Level Descriptors


The Beginner level caters to learners who have very limited to zero knowledge of the language. The first step to teaching these students is to focus on the four skills in the English language; reading, writing, speaking and listening through basic preliminary vocabulary and pronunciation. There are frequent practices in speaking and listening with drills and interactive activities through ‘Everyday English’ and ‘Spoken Grammar’ modules.


The Elementary level incorporates the Elementary to Pre-Intermediate stage in language learning. Students will further develop the four language skills with emphasis on grammar and practice, vocabulary development, and integrated skills with communicative role-plays and personalization. The students will learn about language use in context, comprehension and vocabulary exercises, with extensive writing practices in their workbooks and assigned worksheets.


The Intermediate level of study is the stage where students will continue to gain more insights of the language use through role plays, exchanging information, storytelling and expressing opinions and comments in discursive essays and descriptive writing. Our teaching materials such as ‘Music of English and Spoken English’ will help student to learn and practise the uses of tone, stress, and informal phrases to express the right meanings in conversations.

Upper Intermediate

The Upper intermediate is a review of all the four language structures (reading, writing, speaking and listening) that the students have learned. There is strong grammar focus, clear vocabulary syllabus and integrated skill developments such as intensive writing on formal letters, emails, job applications, narrative writing and report writing. It also continues to develop the students’ creative writing skills and engages students with two new subjects including Introduction to Drama and Introduction to Literature.

Advance (Leadings to IELTS Preparation)

The Advanced level is skewed towards strategies in speaking and writing with the aim of encouraging students’ involvements in reading circles, projects on researching, collating and drafting. The speaking practices will cover rates of speech and vocabulary to colour a conversation and intense writing practices ranging from literary texts, journal writing to analyzing samples of written work from newspapers, email messages and other publications.

Benchmarking of Coventry English to IELTS, CEF Levels and Cambridge

Coventry English CEF level IELTS Cambridge
Beginner Basic user A1
Elementary Basic user A2 < 4 Cambridge English Key (KET)
Intermediate B1 Band 4.0-5.0 Cambridge English Preliminary (PET)
Upper Intermediate B2 Band 5.5-6.0 Cambridge English First (FCE)
Advance C1 Band 6.5-7.0 Cambridge English Advance (CAE)

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